Alex Balk

Nov 05

Sour points.

Let’s get the things I’m pissed off about out of the way:

• Saxby Chambliss, who ran an absolutely disgraceful campaign against Max Cleland six years ago, was rewarded with another term in the Senate.
• Prop. 8 appears to have passed in California.
• Michele Bachmann was somehow re-elected in Minnesota.
• Smarmy fuck Norm Coleman may very well squeak past marginally-less smarmy fuck Al Franken. (This one is still too close to call.)
• Don Young AND Ted Stevens appear to have won re-election in Alaska, which has apparently decided to usurp the role of “most corrupt state in the nation” from New Jersey.
• George W. Bush still has two and a half months to fuck up whatever there is left to fuck up.