Alex Balk

May 03

Welcome to the Fumery.

Whatever you think you know, I am actually not a very volatile person. I am relatively intense during the workday, sure, but I am pretty much calm to the point of torpor thereafter. I do not get particularly emotional in what we are now calling “the real world.” So it is rather surprising to me that I have been irate—volatile even—for at least a week now. I have no idea what the fuck it’s about, but it is totally screwing up my usual equilibrium. I am, for no discernible reason, wall-smashingly, knuckle-scrapingly PISSED. A quick survey of a few acquaintances reveals that I am not entirely alone in these feelings, but I am not sure to what degree this is a universal occurrence. Is it possible that I am just being such an irascible dick that everyone around me is furious as well? No idea! But if you say “Nah, I’m fine, it’s just you” I will probably hit you. So tell me it’s the zeitgeist or something. GRRRRRRRRR! So fucking angry!