Alex Balk

Oct 08

I’ve never heard of Dean Reynolds before…

so he very well may not be the kind of colossal twat who spouts on about the valuable role of the fourth estate in keeping politicians honest. Perhaps he isn’t the type of mammoth cunt who considers himself a crucial conduit between the electorate and those whom they choose to represent them. It’s quite possible that he is in no way the sort of epic asshole whose sense of self worth is completely invested in some outdated paradigm of a hard-charging muckraker who draws back the curtain to let the light shine in on those dark areas of the body politic that our functional oligarchy would rather keep concealed. It could, in fact, be the case that he’s never used the phrase “speaking truth to power” and that he doesn’t see himself as someone with a sworn duty to uncover the truth no matter where it takes him or what dangers he encounters along the way. Maybe this shockingly petulant display of entitlement is actually an honest reading of the way our pampered media elite expect their privileges, as employees of major corporate conglomerates, to be granted no matter how chaotic events on the ground actually are. Perhaps it’s a brilliant bit of self-aware self-satire.

But I doubt it. It reads like the rantings of a whiny little bitch. Sorry they made you give up your luggage an hour before schedule, douchebag. It’s tough all over.