Alex Balk

May 21

Hillary Clinton, Hero.

It’s time for everyone to shut the fuck up about Hillary Clinton and start giving her the appreciation she deserves. She’s making the ultimate sacrifice for the party.

She knew. Of course she knew. She knew that a race pitting the potential first black president against the potential first woman president would leave one of the two vital Democratic constituencies feeling hard done by.

Did she want to win? Of course. With every fiber of her being. She’s certainly as qualified for the job as anyone else who ran this year. But, for reasons beyond her control, time had already passed her by. And she knew.

Once it became clear to her—maybe after Super Tuesday, maybe a few weeks later—that her inevitability strategy and failure to focus on the caucuses were the fatal flaw in her campaign, she knew that only she could heal the breach, could make the party whole, could reach out to non-traditional Democratic voters to whom Obama could not.

She had to be the bitch who couldn’t quit. She had to be the shrew who never knew. Basically, she had to be the terrible cunt who, in refusing to acknowledge defeat, foisted upon Obama a magnanimity he would have never gained on his own. And she had to be the one who gave the nutass right—the ones who hated her so irrationally—some reason to overcome their own racist prejudices by appealing to their even deeper misogynistic prejudices.

When Hillary Clinton says, as she did today, that she’s carrying this thing all the way to the convention, it’s very easy to mock her as a politician who won’t fold her cards no matter how deeply in the hole she is. But we all need to step back and realize that she’s doing everything she can—and more than anyone should have to—to ensure her opponent’s victory. And when you realize that, you have to acknowledge her as one of the party’s greatest champions. She’s destroying her legacy and subjecting herself to all the slings and arrows for one reason. She knew it might be the deal, and she’s keeping up her end of it. You may not like her, you may not admire her, but you have to admit it: She knew.

It’s time we celebrated her for it.