Alex Balk

Apr 17

Al Gore sighed, people (eventually) died. Never again.

So Obama got pasted last night. You can bitch and moan about how stupid the questions were—and they were—but, hey, this is the world we live in now. You want to get elected president, you go through the imbecile hoops our press corps sets up. I understand that it feels unfair, but guess what, Obama fans? Your guy got hammered. And once again, I’m gonna say it’s a good thing.

I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton, I really do: She did everything she was supposed to do to become president and at the last minute everyone decided, wait, we’re going a different way this time. That’s gotta suck. I’m sure Bob Dole felt the same way in ‘80 and ‘88. Life, as another senator from New York was fond of saying, is unfair. But you know? I think she’s actually doing her party and its eventual nominee—because unless it turns out that Barack was Client #10, he’s going to be the nominee—a major service. I want those of you who complain that she’s damaging Obama and bringing up issues that the Republicans will now use in the general election to ask yourselves a question: Do you think, absent Hillary’s swipes, the Republicans would somehow hold off during the campaign? That they were all set to have a genteel discussion of the issues but decided, hey, look what Hillary’s doing, maybe we should try that? She should stay in the race until the bitter end, because if Obama is so unprepared for questions like this in a race he’s already won, imagine how badly he’s going to flounder in an election where there will be serious questions and major artillery blasted at him every single day. Like the guy, voting for him, etc., but he needs some serious toughening up. And who better to do it than the Clintons? These are the folks who put a draft-dodging, skirt-chasing equivocator up against two genuine war heroes and won BOTH TIMES. There’s a lot they can teach him before he faces the jackasses on the other side come fall.