Alex Balk

Apr 07

Let’s Not Get Physical

It was right around the time when that Filipino prison video for “Thriller” broke big on the Internet that the charming Stephanie Tillman and I had the idea for a new kind of dance/workout class where Gen X women would spend each session learning the choreography for classic videos of the eighties. Then, at the end of ten weeks or so, they’d do a little recital, dressing up and performing insanely accurate versions of, say, “Love Is A Battlefield,” in front of their (presumably horrified) friends and family. Because we’re both people who tend to think of stuff when we’re drinking and then never do anything about it, nothing happened, but that’s probably good: I would not want any part, no matter how small, of the apparent leotard/headband revival. Also, I am disappointed in Doree Shafrir for not catching on to this trend first.